Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Dear Jane L-1 Widow's Pane

Another simple paper-pieced block.  I have admired this blue batik for a long time now and finally found a good place to use it.  The way the green pattern runs through all the pieces is amazing.  Despite the white interruptions, every line still looks as if it connects.  It is almost as if I had appliqued the white on top of the blue, which I most assuredly did not.  I didn't even try to make the pattern continuous; it must be a self-healing batik. lol
L-1 Widow's Pane
I asked for fabric for Christmas this year and my family really obliged.  Even my sister, who used to have her buttons sewn on at the dry-cleaners, enjoyed buying fabric.  Her daughter, Kate, who got a degree in fashion design a few years ago, made simply awesome fabric selections.  Kate got me a sheer premium cotton that I would have taken for silk if I hadn't read the selvage. It is simply gorgeous. I think I'll ask for fabric every year.  It is so fun to see what appeals to other people, or what they think will appeal to me!  I feel like the curator of a wonderful new fabric collection.  :0

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