Monday, February 23, 2015

Dear Jane B-4 Chris' Soccer Field

I got so carried away with Dear Jane while in Green Bay that I paper-pieced this block on my Mom's sewing machine.  The smallest stitch the machine would make were huge.  And my Mom buys nice, sturdy copy paper too.  I had quite a time getting the paper off this block without deforming the stitches.  I do love this batik, though, it has lots of interest.  Paper piecing doesn't get much easier than this.
B-4 Chris' Soccer Field

I have a good selection of yellow batiks now.  At least they're not all blindingly bright anymore.  You can see the one I used on this block peeking out from beneath the wide bright yellow about half way down.

We're having thundersleet this morning and it looks like a skating rink on our cul-de-sac, so I'll be taking an unscheduled vacation day today.  I'm working on Harlequin-Johnny again.  All the Johnny blocks are done, now it is time for the more challenging Harlequins.  I'm paper-piecing the 100 corners.  To avoid wastage I marked most of the 300 pieces in Shreveport using two templates, 

then visited with Grandma and cut them apart.  (We interrupted her nap.)

I have lots of pleasant sewing to do today, and Grandma can catch up on her sleep.  She is such a sweetie-pie.  She is starting to take lots more naps now.  She will be 104 in November and needs to pace herself.

Happy quilting!

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